This is email from Ms.Ayaka Yoshioka's mother.
She want to say thank you for Bali spa staff and teacher who treat her daughter so well.
~Thank you to all of you that brought my daughter to hospital when she biten by dog.
~Thank you, especially for Mr.Yusar that ayaka call him "big brother", that has settled the
problem about Garuda ticket. In Japan, I have discussed to Garuda staff, and they said that must buy a new ticket in order to change the date of return to Japan. But, Mr.Yusar can do that and no

fee at all. So surprise!!

~Thank you for all of teacher who teached her so patiently, they are so friendly. My daughter said she don't want to go home. It's so wonderful experience for ayaka to be there study in Bali spa. Thank you very much.

- devi


How are you?Teachers and staffs!

Do you remember me?
I'm Machiko. I got your certificate in japan. Thank you so much.

It was so wonderful although it was short time stay in Bali. It is also good memory that I cried now!( ´∀`)isn't it?! I would like to go there to study sometime again.

Please don't forget me. I am very thanksful to you. I miss you all.

- Love Machiko

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